An Adventure Everyday!

Our LGCS 4H Club has been exploring nature and animals, growing plants and vegetables, writing stories and making videos about our adventures.  Click here to learn more.  

LGCS Elementary Clubhouse Programs

Hello LGCS Friends and Family!

Hope you are enjoying summer! LGCS is excited to be partnering with the University of Illinois Extension to offer 4H Programs for our Elementary Clubhouse starting in September. Programs will be offered for elementary age children as Enrichment Programs (4pm-5pm) and Homeschooling (12”45pm-2:15pm).   Children attending LGCS Clubhouse After-Care have the opportunity to participate in 4H Clubs and tutoring programs (*additional fee for tutoring).  

Students participating in 4H Programs will be working on an annual school year project with the opportunity to display their projects at the County Fair in July.  4H Programs are broken into age groups for children ages 8+ and children between the ages of 5-7 years old.  LGCS will have the same age groups.  

We just visited the County Fair this weekend and they are very supportive and excited to have us join them.  One of their older members won for her steer and is going to Stanford to create prosthetic limbs for animals.  It was very impressive.  The closest 4H Program is in Glenview at Historic Wagner Farms.  This is a nice niche for Long Grove Country School.

4H has evolved to so much more than animal care.  Some of their programs topics include Creative Arts, STEM, Environmental Science and leadership programs for older (high school age children).  They even have a rocket program that we will add to the schedule.  

We can also customize these programs for Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts. 

Note: We have been working on transportation from District 95, 96 and 102 schools depending on demand.  For schools with 6 or less students we will be working with American Taxi’s School Division.  They have certified bus drivers that drive minivans.  LGCS will lease our own bus for schools with 7 or more students.  These will also be driven by licensed bus drivers.  

Farm School Adventure Videos

It's always an adventure at "Farm School".

Elementary Programs

Before & After-Care

LGCS offers After-Care Programs for elementary age students.  Buses run from Willow Grove Kindergarten.  Please contact us regarding transportation from other schools. 

NOTE: LGCS will add Before-Care if there are enough students.  

LGCS Clubhouse Curriculum

Families can choose from a variety of clubs focused on STEM programs, literature, science, Chess, art, and music or families have the option to let their child have some down time after school and enjoy supervised exploration of our 5 acres filled with outdoor adventures, animal encounters, and just being a kid.  Students may come for the Clubhouse Programs only or for After-Care + Clubhouse Program.


After-Care (2:15pm-6pm)

  • Arrive at LGCS
  • Snack
  • Elementary Clubhouse Clubs (4pm-5pm)
  • Socialize with friends & Homework
  • Pick-Up 

Special Offers

  • Register with a friend for the year and receive $100 off the annual tuition.  (This does not apply to siblings as they already receive a 10% discount).
  • Sibling Discount: 10% for each additional child.  

LGCS Family

LGCS has been very fortunate to have a wonderful group of parents and students.    We are always striving to offer the best programs.  Please feel free to email us suggestions for new offerings at  


  • Does my child have to attend everyday? No, LGCS offers flexible days and emergency care when space is available. 
  • Will my child be able to see their sibling? Yes, we will work with each child to make sure they are comfortable and stimulated.
  • Will there be time for homework? Yes, teachers will work with parents to understand their goals for their child while at LGCS Elementary Programs.
  • Will my child get to play outside? Absolutely, one of our favorite elements of LGCS is that we are located on 5 acres with plenty of room to play.  

Registration Form

Elementary Clubhouse Enrichment and Programs 2019-2020 (pdf)


Mini Camp Spring 2020 (pdf)